• The classroom teachers have come to appreciate art because ...

    they’ve seen the effects its presence has on their students. I’ve noticed that the teachers come to know their students and value their unique intelligences through art. Teachers get to know a side of their students they might not have seen before, a side that they can respect and nurture. - Rose Nestler, Doing Art Together Teaching Artist
  • During the workshops, a child and a parent enter in

    their usual roles, but through the creative process they become companions in exploration, readily mesmerized. This is magical to witness. Lejka Sievert Doing Art Together Teaching Artist
  • Art is a person’s escape route…

    it helps you go where you want to go in the moment - Jonathan, Restart Academy District 79

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Doing Art Together (DAT) is a non-profit arts education organization that provides hands-on programs to under-served audiences. DAT’s programs build skills that enhance the ability to learn and are easily transferred from the classroom to life.

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